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Reclaimed Wood, Renewed Hope

In Journal
LBE Design is committed to creating amazing products with a focus on environmental and social sustainability. We believe the most substantial impact is accomplished when people are empowered to make better decisions because they have the knowledge and resources to do so. To this end, we work closely with our employees and partners to ensure everyone connected with LBE Design supports our mission of driving sustainability in all we do.

One of our most exciting collaborations is our partnership with the Kentucky Correctional System where we create our U.S. made stands. For years, the state of Kentucky has incorporated woodworking shops into prisons to supply furniture for state facilities. When they extended the offer to create our stands in collaboration with our reclaimed wood supplier, we jumped at the opportunity.

The program has been wildly successful, teaching inmates meaningful skills they can utilize to find employment upon release from prison, and the results speak for themselves. The program has led to a reduction in the recidivism rate by over 33%. Where the average rate of reincarceration hovers above 50%, only 17% of program participants find their way back into the system.

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