Creativity from Chaos - Showcasing Revival Ceramics at the LA Design Festival

We recently had the opportunity to participate in LA Design Festival, June 20 - 23rd, 2019, showcasing Revival Ceramics planters as part of an exhibit featuring the work of Natalie Myers, award-winning designer, and pioneer of “Scandifornian” style.

The exhibit, a model ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) started intentionally “vanilla.” A blank canvas for Myers’ creative direction destined to become a perfect example of modern coastal design. Myers described the dwelling as a canvas to show people that by “bringing in life via plants, textiles, and can imprint the blank space with as much personality as you can dream up.” Had we sent a delivery van to drop off Revival ceramics that Wednesday we might have even thought it was easy.



Arriving at ROW DTLA was like stepping out of our plant-stuffed SUV and into an episode of Love It or List It, or so we joked. The commotion was unlike anything we had anticipated. Designers and assistants dodged construction workers carrying beams down the street as the buzz of foot traffic droned on. Hanging over the hustle and bustle of the day, the late nature of production weighed on the minds of designers. When a project has many moving parts like this one, it is essential to remember that chaos is unavoidable, but despite mix-ups, mishaps and mistakes, Natalie and her team emerged from the chaos with grace, optimism, and of course, a beautifully designed ADU.



As consumers, we rarely see what comes before the finished product. Over the last eighteen months, we have gained a greater appreciation of the effort it takes to turn an idea into a product. In observing Natalie Myers craft her exhibit for the LA Design Festival, we witnessed the same principle - from pulling inspiration, to forming ideas, and ultimately, bringing those ideas to life through the use of many diverse products. It was so great to see so many unique products in the same space, complementing each other in the most unexpected ways, and in speaking with Myers herself, we learned that a secondary goal of hers was “introducing the LA design loving community to the newest makers [she] supports and believes in” - mission accomplished.



Being a part of the LA Design Festival is an opportunity we will not soon forget at LBE Design. The world of design is a complex and beautiful one. We’ve learned a lot since launching our brand, and have much more to learn. We are so grateful to have had the experience working with the talented Natalie Myers, and showcase our ceramic planters and stands at the LA Design Festival.

“bringing in life via plants, textiles, and can imprint the blank space with as much personality as you can dream up.” - Natalie Myers