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The Four



  • White
  • Black
  • PeachyCotta
  • Blush

Hardwood Plinth

  • Rosewood
Made from premium high-fired stoneware using traditional techniques. Paired with our handcrafted Hardwood Plinth The Four planter radiates timeless design to complement any style.

Ceramic Features:
- Hand-Finished, High-Fired Stoneware with Waterproof Matte Glaze
- No Drainage Hole - Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor applications
- Designed to fit: 4 Inch Nursery Pots

Hardwood Plinth:
- Handcrafted from plantation grown and sustainably harvested Rosewood
- Finished with non-toxic & non-VOC Natural Oil

Cylinder: 4.25" Inside Diameter x 5.75" Outside Dimension x 4.6" High
Overall: 5.25" Tall with Vessel and Plinth

White, Black, Peachycotta, Blush

Hardwood Plinth


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