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Solid Goods 8

Looking for a planter that’s sized generously enough to plant almost anything in, yet small enough to not be so in-your-face about it? Then you’ve come to the right spot. The Solid Goods 8” Ceramic Cylinder Planter is the Goldilocks of our assortment: no...

Solid Goods 10

Great design can be identified as stuff that’s so good, it blows your mind to think of when it never existed before. And while we’re not claiming to have invented the idea of a 10” ceramic cylinder made out of clay to pot plants in (humans have been doin...

Solid Goods 12

12” is such a nice size for a planter, isn’t it? And because you’re on our website reading this product copy you must think so too. While not the largest size we offer, this piece is certainly not small. Because sometimes, bigger is just better. Why? Bec...