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Solid Goods 8

The Solid Goods 8” Mahogany Plant Stand is one of those little extras in life that adds just the right amount of oomph to whatever it is you’ve got going on. Made of beautiful and durable mahogany wood in your choice of finish, it’s the perfect addition to your 8” Solid Goods...

Solid Goods 10

If there is only one thing on our website that you are ever going to purchase from us in the history of your entire life, make it our Solid Goods 10” Mahogany Plant Stand. Why, you ask? Well, since you are here on our website, we can hazard a guess that ...

Solid Goods 12

So, everyone needs to know that you’re the kind of person who really likes plants, huh? Great. Then this is the product for you. If you’re a Leo, the most “extra” person in your friend group, a loud talker, a big thinker, or just someone who really likes...