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Plant-a-Seed and Share Some Joy

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” -Helen Keller

At LBE Design we believe local businesses support strong communities. By pursuing a business model that promotes our products through small independent retailers, we positively impact communities on a local level. In launching Plant A Seed, we are growing this philosophy further, and with help from our partners, making life greener for everyone.

Put simply, the Plant A Seed program enables retail partners who sell our pots to pair our still-beautiful seconds with their plants and deliver these gifts to a nonprofit of their choice.

Studies show plants have a positive impact on a person’s mind and environment, but we don’t need science to tell us that. We know plants uplift people, spread joy and inspire hope, and harnessing the power of community to give those gifts to others is exactly what Plant A Seed is all about. Together with our partners, we’re doing our part to facilitate connectivity in an increasingly divisive world.

 Revival ceramics is a brand committed to an elevated quality of product. More in line with kitchen-grade stoneware than utility-grade planters, our ceramics require exceptional attention to detail. Since we insist on doing as much as possible by hand, our manufacturing process is complex and difficult to replicate at volume. All of our planters go through not one but two stages of quality control: those that fail to meet our expectations are crushed and recycled, and any defect planters that slip through the cracks are labeled “seconds.”

We believe these items present a fantastic opportunity to brighten communities and Plant A Seed, so to speak. Together we are able to provide an ensemble to be donated to the community.

When we founded LBE Design it was with every intention to live by example. In launching Plant A Seed, we hope to create positive change for a brighter, greener, better tomorrow. It really does feel good to do good.
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