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Round Two - 8 Inch Planter

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Color: Black

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Elevate your green haven with the Round Two 8 Inch Planter by Revival Ceramics. This sophisticated two-piece masterpiece takes inspiration from the iconic 1960s design by Richard Lindh, infusing it with modern enhancements that cater to the discerning plant parent of today.

Meticulously handcrafted, Round Two boasts a sleek two-piece minimalist profile, complete with a deep overflow saucer. Immerse yourself in the allure of fully vitreous ceramic, meticulously glazed inside and out. Every detail exudes our commitment to enduring beauty and durability, making this 8-inch planter a timeless addition to your space.

    Welcome the Round Two 8 Inch Planter into your home and garden, and embrace the captivating marriage of design and nature. Elevate your space and let enduring sophistication flourish.



    Distinctive Features:

    Tailored for 8" Grower Pots: Offering ample space for optimal drainage, Round Two is uniquely designed to house 8" grower pots, ensuring your plants thrive.

    Seamless Two-Piece Design: Elevate your gardening routine with a perfectly paired pot and deep overflow saucer, simplifying watering and maintaining plant health.

    Artistry and Resilience: Impeccably glazed, the ceramic body of Round Two stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of artistry and resilience.

    Unveiling Timeless Beauty: Unveil the captivating fusion of contemporary elegance and classic charm, redefining the aesthetics of your living spaces.


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