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The Rancho - 7 Inch Planter

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Color: Sand

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Designed by ceramicist Angela Nicole Drew and produced in our Mexican Artisan Studio, The Rancho boasts a distinct rounded bottom and wide belly that elegantly tapers inwards. As each piece is produced by hand, expect some variation in size and finish. We like to call these our effects and value how they make each piece feel one-of-a-kind with heirloom quality.

Key Features:

  • Size and Versatility: This 7-Inch Planter is designed to fit standard 4'' grower pots with room for drainage and growth. Also available in 5'', 6'', and 8''.
  • Two-Piece System: The Rancho comes with a pot and a deep overflow saucer, offering a seamless solution for direct planting. This two-piece design facilitates easy watering and maintenance, ensuring your plants stay hydrated without the risk of overwatering.
  • Glaze: Fully glazed inside with a raw body clay exterior, The Rancho is leak-proof to keep floors and surfaces safe. Available in two colors.




  • Top Exterior Diameter: 6''
  • Bottom Exterior Diameter: 7''
  • Internal Depth: 4''
  • Overall Height: 4.75''


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