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Bell Planter - 8 Inch Planter

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Color: White

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Introducing our Bell Planter Collection. Inspired by the iconic curves of mid-century modern design, particularly the sleek lines of the 60s, our planters offer a sophisticated touch to your interior decor.


  • Our 8'' Bell Planter is designed to accommodate standard 8'' nursery grower pots with extra room for drainage and growth.
  • Size Options: Choose from 6'', 8'', and 10'' sizes to suit your plant's needs.
  • Glazes: Fully glazed inside and out. Available in three timeless matte glaze options.
  • No drainage hole ensures no leaks, drips, or cracks that ruin floors and furniture.
  • Crafted from high-fired stoneware, ensuring enduring beauty that lasts for generations.

Crafted with care, made to last – redefine your interior with our Bell Planters and embrace the beauty of sustainable, heirloom-quality ceramics. Bring nature indoors with a touch of timeless style.




  • Interior Diameter: 8.5''
  • Exterior Diameter: 9''
  • Height: 7.75''


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