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Donation Spotlight - Positive Change with Lawrence & Clarke Cacti Co.

Donation Spotlight - Positive Change with Lawrence & Clarke Cacti Co.

Kimberly Daft believes in doing good -- quietly. Just because you’re doing something good doesn’t mean you have to be loud about it, she explains, it becomes a way of life. We very much agree. Our Plant-a-Seed program equips shop owners to create positive change in their own neighborhoods starting with planters and people, who matter most.
Lawrence and Clarke Cacti Co. is a small business in Old Hickory, Tennessee with deep community roots so when owner Daft sees a need, she fills it. “I give away a lot of plants” she admits, but everything has to be in balance. While day-to-day acts of kindness have become routine at L&C, Daft has stepped out in the community over the years to organize more formal donations. Since partnering with Plant-a-Seed, these ventures have become more of a regular occurrence. After speaking with Daft it’s clear that there’s one cause she is especially passionate about -- cancer.

LBE. "They’re incredibly good people doing difficult work," Daft explains. She would know better than anyone, because she was once a patient herself.
Earlier this month Lawrence and Clarke Cacti Co. had plans to fully redecorate one patient’s room -- due to COVID-19 that project has been suspended. As soon as the family is ready, Daft assures us, L&C will have plants and our still-beautiful second pots equipped for change. Aside from that particular project, Daft tries to donate Miracle Fruit Bushes to Tennessee Oncology whenever she can. Patients undergoing chemo treatments have a really tough time eating anything because of a metallic taste, she explains, but the berries from this plant make everything taste sweet for about thirty minutes.

The extra pots provided by LBE Design’s Plant-a-Seed program help Lawrence and Clarke reach more people in the community without putting too much strain on the books.
“People value the gift of a plant in a way I’d never realized before,” says Daft, “this is the best thing I’ve ever done.” It’s this response that inspires Daft, and the Lawrence and Clarke Cacti Co., to continue contributing to positive change. The way she sees it: If you’re not doing good work in what you’re doing, then what are you doing?
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