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Heirloom Quality Rosewood

Heirloom Quality Rosewood

Growing up in a musical family, Jon has always appreciated the beauty and craftsmanship of fine wooden instruments. He developed a passion for woodworking at a young age, and over the years has become a skilled craftsman. When we stumbled upon our current source of Rosewood, Jon knew the stars had aligned - opportunities to sustainably source this type of wood are few and far between. We're over the moon to have found a sizable supply of reclaimed Rosewood! 


We knew right away we had to be responsible with our cache, in light of diminishing Rosewood supply around the world. Focusing on sustainability is more important now than ever, as native sources are becoming increasingly rare and need to be protected. We always make sure each item is responsibly produced using reclaimed and plantation sourced materials, and we’ve undertaken the arduous task of becoming fully licensed exporters of sustainably sourced Teak and Rosewood.

 Rosewood has been a recorded sensation as early as 900 AD. Recognizable by its depth of color and sweet fragrance, Rosewood was worked into fine furniture and became a prominent fixture at the Imperial Palace during the Ming and Quing dynasties. Since Rosewood is characteristically resilient, many of these pieces still exist today. Synonymous with wealth and power, Rosewood boasts a long history of popularity: spanning over 1,000 years and never losing momentum. Today Rosewood is especially valued for its rarity and rich history, timeless quality, and finish fit for emperors.   [link to source]

Rosewood is well known for its rich dark beauty and sultry tones accented by ribbons of vibrant grain. Rich in color, it offers a unique and endless variety of design possibilities. In recent decades, Rosewood timber has been most commonly used to craft premium guitars and furniture because of its beauty, strength, and workability. We are excited to add a limited number of Rosewood stands to our collection for these very same reasons!

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