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Introducing Black Stands: Discover the Design Possibilities

Introducing Black Stands: Discover the Design Possibilities

The Revival Ceramics stand collection is expanding. We are excited to introduce our hardwood stands in black, the perfect accessory to elevate your planter with something timeless, sophisticated and modern.
At LBE Design, we always pursue the highest level of quality. Each of our new black stands are handcrafted from sustainably sourced mahogany and stained opaquely black to achieve a bold yet approachable finish. Our new stands offer the perfect solution to add dark tones and soft shadows to bright monochromatic spaces. It’s true: Black doesn’t always have to be stark to make a statement. 
With the increasing popularity of clean white lines, it’s easy for design elements to disappear into the background. A little black goes a long way in achieving a perfectly balanced monochromatic look; go bold with a black stand, and never choose between playing it safe or standing out. 
Paired with one of our beautiful ceramic cylinders, the result is a perfect accent to any wall, nook, or desk. It’s a stand for every room, every season, and style.
As it turns out, a little black goes with everything. Discover the design possibilities today.
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