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Plant Parents Meet Small Spaces: Tiny Living

Plant Parents Meet Small Spaces: Tiny Living

Small spaces inspire big ideas, little homes bring people together, and spatial limitations drive thoughtful design choices. Living in a tiny home, every design element counts: each throw pillow, planter, and light fixture are hand-selected for a reason and are a meaningful addition to your space. After all, happiness has much less to do with the size of your home, and much more to do with the things you fill it with. When done right, your little home won’t feel small at all. 

Whether it’s a downtown studio, a remodeled van or countryside cottage, tiny living offers a unique and rewarding alternative to mainstream housing. But, this lifestyle comes with its own set of challenges - the obvious being a lack of space. 

So if you’re an adventure seeking plant parent who can’t be tied down, or if you simply live in the city, check out these 5 tips to make the most of your tiny dwelling.

Design by Katie Mack @candycoloredhome. Image by Jessica Isaac for Apartment Therapy.


#1 Take Advantage of the Space You do Have

Even in the smallest of spaces, there’s always room for a plant if you know where to look. Plants can replace traditional bookends on shelves, fill empty corners, sit on existing furniture (think side and coffee tables) or hang in your shower. Kitchen and bathroom areas are often overlooked for houseplants, but can be fun and rewarding spots to sprinkle some extra green.

#2 Less is More

Instead of going for quantity, aim for quality. Focus on curating a few great plant and planter combinations using sleek versatile planters like The Four with Plinth or Round Two. This approach can improve the ambiance of smaller spaces without overcrowding. Opt for a larger statement plant in an empty corner and accessorize with a small plant ensemble elsewhere.

 #3 Grow Herbs In Your Kitchen 

A small herb garden may not be the houseplant you had in mind, however growing your own herbs you can add a lot of green to your kitchen without taking up too much space. Modern Sprout grow kits are a great way to uncomplicate indoor gardening and yield beautiful results.

Image by @modsprout

#3 Utilize Grow Lights

With limited space, plant parents may find there is less room for each houseplant to access direct sunlight. Grow lights can be a great way to ensure each of your plants can stay healthy no matter where you decide to place them. 

#5 Ditch Traditional Wall Art

If you’ve exhausted all your options for plant nooks around the house and still can’t get enough green, trade in traditional wall art for pocket wall planters. Wall planters, like those from WallyGro, are a trendy and fun way to get the most out of your wall space.

Image by @leafandlolo

Cover image design by Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs.

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