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Solid Goods 10" Mahogany Plant Stand

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Color: Dark

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If there is only one thing on our website that you are ever going to purchase from us in the history of your entire life, make it our Solid Goods 10” Mahogany Plant Stand. Why, you ask? Well, since you are here on our website, we can hazard a guess that you’re into plants. And if you’re into plants, then we can also draw the conclusion that you may already have one or two taking up space in your home right this very moment. And the likelihood that one of those plants is already living in a 10” cylindrical planter (Solid Goods brand or otherwise) is also pretty high. Well, what if we told you that this mahogany plant stand would take that plant from “very nice” to “VA-VA-VOOM” with literally zero effort? If we’ve piqued your interest, just scroll the photos in our product carousel. Nice, right? I mean, the drama you can create with this thing. Amazing.



    Features :

    Versatile modern plant stand with two height options

    Beautiful and resilient mahogany wood for longevity, strength, and fade resistance

    Sturdy square leg construction designed to fit any cylindrical planter of similar size


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