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The Four with Plinth

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Color: White
Hardwood Plinth

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Crafted with precision, "The Four with Plinth" pairs our premium 4-inch ceramic planter with a sustainably sourced teak plinth, embodying elegance and sustainability. Each planter is finished with a waterproof matte glaze, inside and out, ensuring protection for your surfaces without compromising on style.

Key Features:

  • Size and Compatibility: Fits standard 4-inch nursery pots, offering ample room for drainage and growth without a drainage hole, perfect for indoor use.
  • Dual Finish: Fully glazed for a waterproof finish, keeping your furniture and floors safe.
  • Eco-Friendly Plinth: A teak plinth made from upcycled wood, finished with a non-toxic, non-VOC oil, adds elevation and aesthetic appeal.
  • Craftsmanship: High-fired stoneware, meticulously formed and hand-finished, paired with a handcrafted plinth for a one-of-a-kind look.

Designed for indoor garden enthusiasts, "The Four with Plinth" combines functionality with artisanal beauty, making it an ideal choice for showcasing your plants in any setting.




  • Exterior Diameter: 4.75''
  • Interior Diameter: 4.25''
  • Interior Depth: 5.25''
  • Overall height: 5.6''


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