- Handmade Modern Ceramic Planters, Designed for Everyday and Everybody -

We blend bold design and bright colors with exceptional quality at an accessible price point—without ever sacrificing our commitments to people, plants, and the planet. Truly solid product, made by good people. What could be better than that?

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Customers Give Solid Goods Their Seal of Approval

I’m very happy with the Solid Goods line! The quality is great and I love the option of selling stands separately from pots. The competitive price point is another huge plus

Anne Armitage, Owner of Moss Plant Shop Cedar Rapids, IA
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These pots are my go-to choice for a classic, clean design that I know I will be able to enjoy for a long time. They’re well made for the approachable price and fit perfectly in their plant stands!

Jesse, Solid Goods Customer
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The 10” planter was perfect for a 4’ spiked Agave plant. Well made and solid. Worth the price. Was packed very well. Used dark gray Mexican River stones which worked well with the black color of the pot. Highly recommend.

Michael from Stuart, FL
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We’ve Perfected the Modern Planter

What makes Solid Goods products so good? Well, a lot of things. For one, all of our planters are made of fully-vitreous porcelain ceramic— a fancy way of saying that they’re all super durable with a premium look and feel. Sounds great, right? And for two, everything in our collection—from the planters, saucers, and stands—has been handcrafted to ensure years of use without the “yikes” price tag of more up-market brands or the “yuck” quality of similarly-priced competitors.

Handmade by Humans We Know and Love

We know the people who produce our products by both name and face. Some we’ve even stayed with at their homes. We have these authentic relationships because we genuinely give a hoot about the humans who work with us.

Sustainable Packaging

Most competitors use styrofoam in their shippers and packaging. No offense, but ew.  Since it already occupies 30% of landfill space globally and takes around 500 years to decompose, we’re doing things the Solid Goods way, with 100% recyclable, styrofoam-free packaging. Now that’s good.

Designed for Plants (And the People Who Love Them)

Planters with drain holes and saucers to oops-proof your home from stains and spills while providing adequate drainage to houseplants.

The Sturdiest of Stands

We’ve wobble-proofed the modern plant stand with a square-legged design. In two choices of mahogany wood finish, they’re as beautiful as they are stable.