Solid Goods 10" Ceramic Cylinder with Stand


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If we’re being honest, we made all our products a little too good. What we mean by that is that in our effort to bring you the very best planters we could make at an approachable price, we wound up creating something way more excellent than we ever could have expected. Our 10” Ceramic Cylinder with Stand is no different. In fact, we’d argue that this particular SKU offers you some of the best value out there. Partly because the 10 inch diameter is generous enough to allow for large plants that will add a whole lot of pizzazz to your pad at minimal effort. And because this most versatile planter also comes with its own reversible stand, it’s almost like getting three looks in one. Raise your plant up tall, keep it close to the ground, or use the included stand with a different planter in your home and group them together for a nice little arrangement. Either way, the choice is yours, and that’s a beautiful thing.
Features :
  •  Nonporous high-fire porcelain ceramic
  •  Fully glazed inside and out with an attractive matte finish
  •  Conveniently sized to fit nursery pots
  •  Standard cylinder design with no drainage hole to oops-proof your rugs, flooring, and furniture from spills and stains
  •  Versatile modern plant stand with two height options
  •  Beautiful and resilient mahogany wood for longevity, strength, and fade resistance
  •  Sturdy square leg construction designed to fit any cylindrical planter of similar diameter
  •  Solid construction and enduring handcrafted quality
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