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Solid Goods 12 Inch Ceramic Cylinder Planter

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Color: Black

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Introducing the 12 Inch Ceramic Planter – a stunning blend of form and function tailored for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Be sure to relocate indoors if temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. As part of our exceptional Solid Goods line, this planter epitomizes stoneware craftsmanship, meticulously high-fired to seamlessly blend lasting style with enduring resilience.

    Whether you're embarking on your plant journey or nurturing an existing green haven, the 12 Inch Ceramic Planter extends an inviting canvas for your botanical expressions. Elevate your space with a touch of timeless beauty and functional design.




    Expertly crafted from nonporous, high-fire porcelain ceramic, harmonizing practicality with elegance.

    Cylinder design meticulously created without a drainage hole.

    Fully glazed inside and out, adorned with an enticing matte finish that captivates the eye.

    Designed for 12'' nursery pots, delivering both aesthetics and seamless fit.

    Solid construction and enduring handcrafted quality, hallmarks of our Solid Goods line.


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