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Round Two - 10 Inch Planter

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Color: Black

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Elevate your green sanctuary with the Round Two 10 Inch Planter by Revival Ceramics. This meticulously crafted two-piece planter, a nod to Richard Lindh's timeless 1960s design, seamlessly marries classic charm with contemporary enhancements tailored for today's plant enthusiasts.

A masterpiece of artistry and functionality, Round Two welcomes you with its sleek two-piece minimalist silhouette, accompanied by a deep overflow saucer. Revel in the luxurious embrace of fully vitreous ceramic, thoughtfully glazed both inside and out to ensure enduring beauty and resilience.

    Introduce the Round Two 10 Inch Planter into your botanical haven and celebrate the union of timeless elegance and contemporary style. Cultivate a space that transcends trends and embodies enduring beauty.



    Key Features:

    Optimal 10" Fit: Tailored to house 10" grower pots, offering ample space for impeccable drainage and providing a nurturing environment for your cherished plants.

    Effortless Two-Piece Design: Experience plant care made simpler with a harmonious combination of pot and deep overflow saucer, transforming your nurturing routine.

    Time-Honored Craftsmanship: Meticulously glazed to enhance both aesthetics and durability, Round Two stands as a testament to artful design and functional excellence.

    Versatile Elegance: Elevate your interior or exterior with Round Two's enchanting design, a versatile embodiment of sophistication.


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