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Plant Style: A Beautiful and Functional Bathroom

Plant Style: A Beautiful and Functional Bathroom

Like any tropical paradise, your bathroom is teeming with conditions optimal to grow healthy, lush greenery. Designed to accommodate self-care like bathing and showering, this space works two-fold in providing consistent humidity for plants that hold up best in wet conditions. If you’ve tried and failed to cultivate houseplants before, take advantage of the naturally tropical environment the shower creates and build your own beautifully curated bathroom jungle using these three tips.

Style Tip #1: Choose the Perfect Planter

While humidity is great for most indoor houseplants, over-watering can still be a real problem, which is why it’s important to choose a functional planter with plenty of drainage no matter how much your plant loves water. Both beautiful and functional, the Round Two is a two-piece design with a large drain hole, water channels, and deep overflow saucer to ensure adequate drainage. Revival Ceramics are intentionally designed to keep excess water off your dry surfaces and soil from draining onto your wet ones. 


 Style Tip #2: Survey Optimal Conditions

Aside from choosing a functional planter, it’s important to evaluate conditions in your bathroom if you want to set your plants up for success. Pay attention to the natural lighting. If your bathroom has bright, natural light plan for high-light plants. If you find there’s less natural light, opt for plants that specifically do well in low-light conditions. No matter what lighting you have to work with, there are beautiful options for houseplants that will complement your space.

Interior designer Natalie Myers styles a Ceramic Cylinder with Stand and Round Two inside her bright and airy bathroom | Image by @nataliemyers

Style Tip #3: Storage and Styling

Deciding how to arrange your bathroom jungle depends heavily on where your plant will grow best. While all bathroom-friendly plants should enjoy a humid environment, some require more direct access to water than others. In this case, your shower is by far the best place to keep them. Keep in mind even the most water-loving greenery should never come in direct contact with a shower’s water stream which is why a shower bench, built-in shelf, window sill, or ceiling-hung planter are good options for functional plant design. Here, plants have access to frequent overspray with adequate drainage to thrive. If you have a more spacious shower, storing plants on the floor is also a viable option as long as they’re not too close to the shower head. 

For plants that love high humidity but prefer less frequent watering, anywhere besides the shower itself will suffice. A floor corner, bathroom counter, sink ledge, floating shelf or wall mount are all examples of where these plants can live.

 Image by Sarah Sherman Samuel

For a lush, forest look get creative and utilize every space you have inside the shower and out -- nothing is off limits when it comes to this fuller style. Don’t miss out on the added space wall-mounted and hanging planters provide. If you prefer the minimalist’s approach, go for a curated plant-pot-duo in a corner and sprinkle smaller ensembles throughout the space. 

Houseplants are a beautiful way to add vibrance to any room in your home, so when it comes to styling some of the most unexpected living spaces don’t be afraid to explore the functional, the beautiful, and the green.

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