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Grower Pots vs. Direct Potting with Revival Ceramics

Grower Pots vs. Direct Potting with Revival Ceramics

When it comes to choosing the best planter, there isn’t a “right” answer. The best option for your houseplant depends on the plant’s individual needs. We’ve designed all Revival Ceramics planters with this in mind, leaving extra space to easily drop in plastic grower pots, as needed, or the option to pot directly in the ceramic.

So how do you know whether you should drop in a grow pot or plant directly into your Revival ceramic? We have narrowed it down to two factors, helping make plant care both simple and stylish.

1. Timing - As a general rule, houseplants should not be transferred from their original pot for at least the first year of life. Repotting can be stressful for any houseplant, and undue stress proves detrimental to a plant’s longevity, especially early in life. Wait until you can see roots poking out of the top soil or drain holes before sizing up. In the meantime, pop the original grow pot directly into any Revival Ceramics planter for a sleek, timeless look.  

 2. Drainage - While the average houseplant is much more likely to drown than dry up, some plants need constant root moisture to thrive. It’s important to research the watering needs of your houseplant before selecting an optimal planter. If drainage is key for your plant of choice, dropping a grow pot into one of our ceramic cylinders will do the trick. However, make sure you are elevating the grow pot with a piece of styrofoam to prevent root rot. 

If you do opt to pot your plant, Round Two is the perfect planter. Round Two has been engineered to maximize drainage through a wide drain hole, water channels, and a deep overflow saucer. All Revival Ceramics cylinder planters are watertight and designed to keep water off your surfaces.

[Image: Christine from Work Hard, Plant Hard potted her Ficus Audrey in 10" Round Two. Check out her Instagram for more plant tips and styling with Revival Ceramics].

If you’re still unsure which living situation would best suit your houseplant, follow along with this simple flow chart. Stay tuned for additional tips on Revival Ceramics, plant design, styling and more!

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