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Giving Thanks: Reflecting on a Year of Connection.

Giving Thanks: Reflecting on a Year of Connection.

In crafting this year's reflection, we express our joy at regaining the ability to travel and connect with the people and places that inspire our beautiful planters. From Jon's hometown, Ojai, California, where the seeds for our Spring/Summer campaign were sown, to the distant workshops of our cherished partners in China, we've embraced the artistry of our ceramic creations and the connections they foster.

Amid challenging times when in-person work was limited, we discovered new ways to connect with all of you. We're grateful for a creative community that shares our passion for beautiful, green spaces and aims to spread the ethos of beautiful and healthy homes. This year, we're especially proud to share the continued success of our 'Plant-a-Seed' program. Through this initiative, we've partnered with small plant shops, donating our planters to communities in need. We’re excited to share our latest collaboration with you on Giving Tuesday- stay tuned!

 As Thanksgiving approaches and you gather for reflection, we invite you to find a word encapsulating the gratitude you feel for the past year. Ours is 'connection'—the hands that shape our planters, the places we've explored, and the bonds we've formed, weaving a rich tapestry of gratitude.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with warmth, connection, and reflection.

Warm Regards,

Jon, Veronica, Catherine, Paula, Charlie, and Jess

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