MCM Part I: Mid-Century Modern America

by Erin Moore

Mid-century modern design first emerged in 1947 and is still in popular demand over half a century later. Learn more about the iconic design trend and the artistry behind what has made mid-century style so prevalent today.

MCM Part II: How To Style Mid-Century Modern Today

by Erin Moore

With the help of our simple 5-step guide, you can achieve the mid-century modern look in any space today. Read more to learn how to style the iconic trend, featuring a mix of organic design elements accessorized with bold and exciting colors and silhouettes.

Introducing Black Stands: Discover the Design Possibilities

by Erin Moore

The Revival Ceramics stand collection is expanding. We are excited to introduce our hardwood stands in Black. The perfect accessory to elevate your planter with something timeless, sophisticated and modern.

All Around Perfection: Round Two in Speckle

by Erin Moore

The Round Two in Speckle has arrived. Inspired by the minimalist’s eye for design, our newest planter embodies all around perfection. Take a look into the creation of Speckle - a simplistic, modern addition to the Revival Ceramics line available for a limited time.  

Heirloom Quality Rosewood

by Erin Moore

Rosewood is well known for its rich dark beauty and sultry tones accented by ribbons of vibrant grain. Rich in color, it offers a unique and endless variety of design possibilities.

LBE Design Turns One!

by Veronica Denne

Long before we hatched the idea for LBE Design, we knew creating our own business was something we were destined to attempt. Having grown tired of our corporate careers and keen on travel and meeting people, Jon and I knew it was time to take the leap.