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Hello Friends,

As LBE Design approaches our fourth year, we can’t help but reflect on the twists and turns we’ve experienced on this incredible adventure with you.

We began this journey full of dreams and ideals of a company we sought to bring to life. To the bewilderment of our families and friends, we left our stable corporate careers behind and set our ambitions on producing products that would be as functional as they are beautiful and, most importantly, of a quality we would be proud to put in our home. At the time, it seemed like an easy task; after all, it's only a line of planters, right? Little did we know the complexity of the journey we were embarking on, the fascinating people we would meet, or the unique experiences we would encounter along the way.

Growing our young company with a clear vision of sustainability meant prioritizing decisions based on our fundamentals: wholeheartedly supporting the people we interact with, mitigating our negative impact on the environment, all while creating beautiful, durable products you’ll be proud to have in your home. As fledgling entrepreneurs, we quickly learned that while we were clear in our vision, the execution of such standards would require us to be hands-on with the process every step of the way.

No matter how beautiful the outcome of a product is, it’s the process and production that matter most to us, otherwise, it’s just a lifeless object. We honor our craftspeople who bring life to our products and insist on collaborating with partners who emphasize well-being for both their people and the planet. As curious individuals with an innate desire to delve into the details we worked with our partners to understand every component that goes into making our products. From creating our proprietary ceramic blend, to selecting repurposed wood for our stands, to sourcing materials used to make our plastic-free packaging, the past four years have been a crash course in materials, processes, and efficiency.

Amidst the global upheaval of COVID-19, our journey to strengthen partnerships took an unexpected turn. People sought solace in enhancing their homes during the pandemic, leading to a surge in demand for houseplants and decor. Our business flourished, yet COVID-19 strained the global supply chain.

Faced with tough choices, we decided to uphold our values of quality and sustainability, even if it meant limiting growth. Virtual communication couldn't replace in-person collaboration, and rising production costs pushed us to reconsider.

In August 2021, we embarked on a new adventure by relocating to central Mexico, aligning with Veronica's ties to Nayarit. Drawn by Mexico's climate and ceramics tradition, we now oversee some of our production firsthand, ensuring values, flexibility, and efficiency. A year later, we're thrilled to unveil our 'Hecho en Mexico' line, The Artisan Series, October 2022.

Your unwavering support has brought us here, and we're truly thankful. The resonance of our products and philosophy inspires us. We look forward to the future and cherish the possibility of collaborating for years to come. As we enter this exciting chapter, we invite questions and extend an invitation: if you're near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, let us show you around.

Saludos y Abrazos,

Jon & Veronica Denne

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