A Letter from Our Founders

by Veronica Denne

As LBE Design approaches our fourth year, we can’t help but reflect on the twists and turns we’ve experienced on this incredible adventure with you.

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What to Know About Rosewood Furniture

by Elizabeth Huber

Feel prepared for your next modern furniture hunt with this deep-dive blog post exploring the history, value, and importance of Rosewood in the world of mid-century modern design. 

How to Improve Your Home Office With Houseplants

by Elizabeth Huber

Studies have shown that offices with plants make the people who work in them happier and more productive. In the age of remote work, it's possible for anyone to add these good little green guys into their WFH setups for improved satisfaction. From boosting our mood and busting stress, to helping with focus, creativity, and productivity here are three ideas for adding houseplants into your home office set-up. 

LBE is Turning Three

by Elizabeth Huber

When we left our corporate careers to start LBE Design, we had a vision. Bigger than product or brand, it extended to an entire philosophy: a new and sustainable way of doing business. Along the way, this journey helped us to grow not just a product line or a business, but an entire community of friends and colleagues united by our shared commitments. 

Price Increase Effective September 1, 2021 for Revival Ceramics

by Elizabeth Huber

We looked at every possible option before landing on this one. While the future is always uncertain, we believe that costs will decrease as the pandemic begins to subside. We look forward to sharing these cost-savings with you as soon as we can.