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MCM Part II: How To Style Mid-Century Modern Today

MCM Part II: How To Style Mid-Century Modern Today

Originating in the late 1940’s and still popular today, mid-century modern design has yet to go out of style. Where modern meets cozy, this iconic style features an interesting mix of sleek and organic design elements accessorized with bold and exciting colors and silhouettes. With the help of our simple 5-step guide, you can achieve the mid-century modern look in any space.

Step 1

Start with a fresh coat of white paint and natural-tone hardwood floors or wall-to-wall neutral low-pile carpet, then choose a modern low pile geometric rug. If your style is more outspoken, try out a fun accent wall.

Image Source: Modsy

 Step 2

Add in furniture with classic mid-century modern style like a tapered-leg couch, tulip or Eames chairs and fun side tables. Experiment with different textures and materials by going for boucle, leather, wood, and linen. You can even opt for bold colored statement pieces like a chartreuse sofa or a bright orange chair -- this is a great way to put your own twist on mid-century modern style.

 Image Source: HGTV

Step 3

Add accent pillows and sprinkle funky decor on soft or neutrally furnished areas. Style more muted accessories with vibrantly furnished areas, but be sure not to over-do it. Some classic mid-century modern color pairings that will balance each other out are: orange and brown, chartreuse and gray, pink and brown, teal with brown or white, and wood with shades of white. Mid-century modern style is known for its unique silhouettes, so don’t be afraid to opt for interesting shapes when it comes to accessories. Vases and light fixtures are the perfect way to add this creative dimension to your look.

Image Source: Design Within Reach

 Step 4

Pick out some cool mid-century modern art -- geometric and abstract pieces will add a bright and eye-catchingly modern element to your space.

Image Source: Mansion Global

 Step 5

Build your jungle! Indoor houseplants are an important element of mid-century modern style, and choosing planters with clean lines can elevate the look. All Revival Ceramics planters and hardwood stands were designed specifically to emulate original mid-century modern planters. Choose varying sizes and colors to break up the uniform look and take advantage of the reversible stands to create interesting height variations. Monsteras and snake plants are a great choice for the beginning plant parent -- not only do they create interesting silhouettes, they are also easy to care for.

Image Source: Casaza


In case you missed it, check out Part I of our series on Mid-Century Modern Design and how the iconic style originated.


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