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All Around Perfection: Round Two in Speckle

All Around Perfection: Round Two in Speckle

Revival Ceramics Round Two in Speckle has arrived. Inspired by the minimalist’s eye for design, our newest planter embodies all around perfection. Round Two Speckle is a simplistic, modern addition to the Revival Ceramics line and will be available for a limited time.  
Round Two Speckle boasts a perfectly polished and precisely proportioned speckled glaze. But, don’t let the effortless look of this limited glaze fool you because producing this ceramic has been no easy feat -- on the contrary, it’s been our most challenging project to date. 
At LBE Design we believe in honoring the craft and process of making ceramics, which is why we always try to do as much as possible by hand. Unfortunately, Speckle has proven to be especially difficult to perfect. The same techniques that work perfectly for all of our other glazes result in patchy and irregular spotted patterns when applied to a speckled glaze. 
After months of trial and error with the dipping process, our team was confident they could achieve a uniform look and we decided to go to production. The end result was less than perfect. Nearly every planter came out half-speckled. 
Mistakes like this are tough to swallow as a small business, but staying true to our standard of quality, we made the difficult decision not to release a product that did not meet our quality expectations. Sometimes the best lessons in life are the most expensive ones, and this was one of them. After going back to the drawing board, we came up with a two-step process dedicated to perfect proportions:
  1. Hand dip the planter in base glaze
  2. Distribute speckle as a spattered spray 
  3. Complete the glaze fire (while crossing our fingers)
  4. Celebrate and admire a perfectly proportioned glaze
Mastering this new process has been a win for the team at LBE Design, but even our new method is prone to some variation. Some pots inevitably receive more speckle than others, making every planter a one of a kind piece for your home.
Boasting clean lines and incredible luster, Round Two Speckle is a planter like no other. This limited style is an heirloom quality piece, meant to be enjoyed for many years to come. We have left no detail unaccounted for -- this is what all around perfection looks like. 
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