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Styling Revival Ceramics in a Bohemian Space

Styling Revival Ceramics in a Bohemian Space

At LBE Design we believe in second chances because we’re not always lucky enough to get it right the first time. To this, interior design is no exception which is why we’ve put together a three-part blog series to show you how versatile our planters really are. Whether you’re feeling minimalist one week or bohemian the next, the same Revival Ceramics are going to look great in your living space. Besides, we’ve never heard of a design trend that couldn’t be enhanced with a houseplant. 

We’ve already looked at Revival Ceramics houseplant pairings in minimalist and mid-century modern living spaces, but all the rules are going out the window this week because we’re diving into the world of bohemian design.


Step 1: The Basics

  • In stark contrast with minimalist design, bohemian living spaces are marked by unstructured layers of eccentric colors and patterns, largely organic and geometric in nature. 
  • Incorporating houseplant ensembles into bohemian living spaces creates interesting silhouettes that tie well into other natural elements like hardwood flooring. 
  • Keeping with the earthy and bold bohemian style, your collection of plant pairings should be just as curious. 

Photo and design by Sarah Caligiuri @sare_xo_home

 Step 2: The Layout

  • Every empty shelf, corner, table, or floor space is just as good as the next in your bohemian living space. Don’t put too much thought into the “perfect” plant placement -- there isn’t one.
  • This is a highly personalized design space with room for plenty of creative liberties, and the sky is the limit. Add as many or as few plant pairings as you want but generally, more is more with this trend.

Step 3: The Color Scheme

  • To capture the essence of Bohemian design, select a range of ceramic and stand pairings. 
  • Our textured Oatmeal planters alongside matte Olive are the perfect complement to a complex and dynamic design while staying true to the aesthetic’s organic undertone. Or, brighten up your space with warm earth tones such as PeachyCotta or neutral white

  • The added height variation and natural coloring of our reversible stands create beautiful pairings with beautiful silhouettes. 

Photo and design by Sarah Caligiuri @sare_xo_home

 No matter your eye for design, houseplants will inevitably outlive your favorite trends and lucky for you, now your planter will too. So buy it once and buy it right, because Revival Ceramics is ready to take on the trends of tomorrow and with a classic cylinder, so are you. Tag us on Instagram @LBE.Design so we can watch your style grow and change -- whatever your next big inspiration is, we’re sure it will turn out great!

Cover image from The New Bohemians: book by Justina Blakeney, photography by Dabito

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