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Styling Revival Ceramics in a Minimalist Space

Styling Revival Ceramics in a Minimalist Space

The simplicity and functionality of Revival Ceramics make them highly versatile and completely timeless. Revival Ceramics planters are just as easily striking centerpieces as they are clever bookends, and won’t go out of style even when yours changes. To highlight the wide range of beautiful designs elevated by a touch of green, we’ve put together a three-part series dedicated to help you incorporate plant life into a variety of interior design trends using our timeless planters.

Keep reading to find out how you can use houseplant pairings to create beautiful, dynamic designs that complement your style. This week, we’ll be taking on the minimalist’s design space.

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Step 1: The Basics

  • Characterized by bare bones and clean lines, minimalist design works largely off of well-curated household essentials, and not much else.
  • Introducing houseplants is a classy yet modern way to breathe life back into this design.
  • Elevating simple pairings without taking away from the plants themselves, Revival Ceramics are the perfect choice for a minimalist living space.

Step 2: The Layout

  • Take advantage of the minimalist approach to furnishings: Place relatively large statement pairings in empty corners or along stretches of neutral wall space. Planters measuring 10 to 14 inches will help complement your minimalist design when placed accordingly.
  • Make sure you haven’t over-crowded any one room. If you’ve styled more than two large houseplants to a room, you may be compromising your minimalist design.
  • When deciding on placement for smaller plant pairings (4 to 8 inches), keep it simple by using the most obvious surfaces and always decorate sparingly. 

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Step 3: The Color Scheme

  • If monochromatic is a must in your minimalist space, Revival Ceramics planters in Gray, Black, and White are the way to go.
  • If you love the clean look of minimalist design but want to add some warmth, opt for Revival Ceramics planters in PeachyCotta or Blush and watch your space come to life.
  • For something unique and fun yet fundamentally simplistic, mix in Round Two planters in Speckle for the perfect accent, no matter your color scheme.

Now that you have a three-step plan, achieving the minimalist look couldn’t be easier! If you love this design trend as much as we do, tag us on Instagram and show us your minimalist masterpiece. If you’re less minimalist and more mid-century, check back next week for an in-depth look at styling Revival Ceramics plant pairings in a mid-century modern design space.

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