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The Rancho - 8 Inch Planter

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Color: Sand

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Designed by ceramicist Angela Nicole Drew, The Rancho is rounded on the bottom with a wide belly that tapers inward at an angle. This 8 inch planter is perfect for small Snake Plants and Money Trees. Available in four sizes and two colors, the Rancho features drainage holes and a complementary saucer for easy watering. As each piece is produced by hand, expect some variation in size and finish. We like to call these our effects and value how they make each piece feel one-of-a-kind with heirloom quality.



Details for this 8-inch planter:

Able to accommodate 6" grower pots with extra room for drainage

Two-piece design includes pot and deep overflow saucer, perfect for direct planting


Glazed inside

Ideal for indoor applications


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