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Our Story

We are Veronica and Jon, co-founders of LBE Design. In 2018 we challenged ourselves to buck the status quo, leaving our corporate careers and setting out to create a company built on principles we believe in. We’re travel fanatics who love the enduring nature of quality and are suckers for good design. Through traveling and connecting with many people and cultures, we’ve come away with two revelations that shape our company: The world is filled with talented individuals who are driven to create works of enduring beauty. People everywhere are fundamentally more similar than dissimilar and share a desire to lead happy, productive and healthy lives. Drawing on these two guiding principles, we hatched LBE Design.

Through the design and production of beautiful products, our company strives to celebrate global connectedness and provide opportunities for individuals to achieve their aspirations regardless of where they reside. We believe you deserve the option of purchasing products created with a focus on sustainability, designed with consciousness, and crafted with enduring quality.

Driving Principles

Uncompromising Quality

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products using sustainably sourced materials and responsible manufacturing, overseeing materials selection and construction techniques to ensure our products meet our meticulous standards and delight our customers.

Sustainable Focus

People and the environment are at the core of everything we do. We believe the pursuit of profit should not come at the expense of sustainability, and we all have a responsibility to do our part. We focus on sustainability from two perspectives: Environmental and Social.

Timeless Design

We love great design and geek out on the nuances and design elements distinctly represented in each period. Our designers strive to capture each detail in our recreations as well as original LBE designs that share the characterizations and aesthetics of their respective era.

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