Here Are Responses To Common Questions We've Received From Our Customers

What Makes Revival Ceramics Better Than Other Pots On The Market?

Revival Ceramics planters are crafted from premium high-fired stoneware that is both durable and completely watertight. We love the thin aesthetic of vintage pots, and use the same manufacturing techniques to ensure our pots will stand the test of time. These techniques are more labor-intensive and time-consuming than current methods but produce superior results.

Are Revival Ceramic Cylinders Durable?

While thinner and lighter than many other planters, Revival Ceramics are more durable and chip resistant because we use superior quality clay, better manufacturing methods, and higher firing temperatures.

Do I Have To Re-Pot My Plants Into The Ceramic Pot?

It's up to you. Our ceramic planters are designed to fit the majority of nursery pots on the market, so you don’t have to re-pot your plants. Just fill the bottom with gravel or a piece of styrofoam to allow water to drain, and place your plant in it's grow pot directly into your new REVIVAL planter.

Is It Better For My Plant To Re-Pot It Into The Ceramic Pot?

We suggest keeping your plants in grow pots (the black plastic ones they come in) for a few reasons: They make it easy to remove your plant to give it a shower or thorough soaking when needed. Grow pots allow for drainage space below your plant to ensure it’s roots aren’t soaking in water. It’s easy to remove excess water if you accidentally over watered your plant (we recommend using a turkey baster to suck up excess water) Moving your plants and planters is much easier because the pot and plant can be transported separately.

Do Revival Ceramic Cylinders Have A Drain Hole?

REVIVAL Ceramic Planters are mainly used as indoor pots, so they DO NOT have a drain hole. Our planters to be completely watertight to ensure they won’t leak or leach water onto expensive flooring or furniture. However, If you choose to use your planter outdoors, it is easy to drill a few small drain holes with a drill motor and masonry bit to allow for drainage. Please keep in mind, drilling holes in your pot will void the warranty.

Can The Ceramic Cylinders And Stands Be Used Both Indoor And Outdoors?

REVIVAL Ceramic Planters are great for both for indoor and outdoor applications.

Do You Use Sustainably Sourced Wood?

We only use reclaimed, and FSA certified plantation grown lumber for our stands.

Your Stands Have A Non-VOC Natural Oil Finish. What Does That Mean?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. The short answer, they're not good for you! We use a food grade oil finish that highlights the natural grain of the wood and provides a durable layer of protection without any harmful chemicals.